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Let me introduce myself and my business first of all, I started my trade doing an apprenticeship with my father way back in 1987.

My father is German, and so true to the stereotype associated with Germans in general, he is a bit of a perfectionist and he taught me these same values, whether I liked it or not!

He was a much respected Roof Tiler because of his demand for perfection and his strict/stubborn personality. This I only came to understand as I matured and gained more experience after leaving him and working for myself around 1995.

I spent a few years in different industries including audio visual and entertainment, however during this time I could not escape my connections with roofing, and found myself taking on both occupations, simultaneously for a few years. This was a challenge on my health though, and in 1997 gave away the music side of things and went back to what I am best at and enjoy.

I spent 8 years sub contracting for a local roof tiling company, where I honed my skills and created good relationships with my suppliers and trade contacts.

In 2005 I took a supervisory position with a friend of mine who owns one of the largest metal roofing businesses in the area. This I did for 3 and a half years which enabled me to gain stronger commercial skills in roof plumbing and a deeper understanding of large scale industrial work. This then opened up an opportunity for me to offer customers a complete roofing package, including fascia, gutter and many other roofing products and services.

I decided to leave this role and try my luck running my own business in 2008. With new found confidence I have thrown myself at this challenge and have had much success with it so far. My basic principal is to treat every job as if it were my own. Being able to offer several services on each job has struck a chord with a few builders who like the fact they can have one business responsible for all aspects of a roof. This also transfers to repair work for private customers who appreciate that I understand all aspects of roof plumbing and can warrant their roofs as a whole, not just the ridgecapping for example.

My business now runs as the Kugler Family Trust, trading as Chris Kugler Roofing.

I have a tight knit team of professionals so as to maintain quality control over all of our work and keeping with my father's traditions and practices of perfection. 

Please take the time to have a look at the other areas of my website. I believe you will learn some practical information about my industry, and make your choice of roof installers or repairers a more informed one.

Chris Kugler Roofing Licenced Roof Tiler No. 188568C

0418 443 375 or 6292 3670